2020 Election Candidates – Who Will You Support?

ICWA Advocacy, along with the Family Freedom Coalition of WA, WA Freedom Keepers and Initiatives for Family Health, have received Education and Health Choice surveys from many 2020 candidates for State, Legislative & Congressional offices.

All responses received have been summarized in the following linked documents to help you make an informed decision on your 2020 General Election ballots.

How likely are Washington candidates to support Health Choice, Informed Consent, and family rights in school curriculum:

  • STATE OFFICE CANDIDATES (Last updated 30-Sept): Many of these people, especially the Governor and Lt. Governor, can have a great effect on how your health care choice is legislated – and protected.
  • LEGISLATIVE CANDIDATES (Last updated 30-Sept): These are your state Senators and Representatives who vote on school admission vaccine policies (e.g., exemptions).
  • CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATES (Last updated 30-Sept): These are the people who go to Washington DC and aren’t directly involved in state vaccination laws. However, they can work to direct federal agencies (e.g., CDC, NIH) to do their jobs better.

You can view the survey here which covers protection of health freedom, of kids from certain curriculum, and of homeschooling laws.

The above files also summarize past legislator voting records for incumbents.

Note: Please consider prior voting records for HB 1638, SB 5841 (on vaccines), and SB 5395 (CSE) to help inform your votes for incumbents.

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