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ICWA Advocacy, along with the Family Freedom Coalition of WA, WA Freedom Keepers and Initiatives for Family Health, have received Education and Health Choice surveys from many 2020 candidates for State, Legislative & Congressional offices.

All responses received have been summarized in the following linked documents to help you make an informed decision on your 2020 General Election ballots.

How likely are Washington candidates to support Health Choice, Informed Consent, and family rights in education curriculum:

  • STATE OFFICE CANDIDATES (Last updated 30-Sept): Many of these people, especially the Governor and Lt. Governor, can have a great effect on how your health care choice is legislated – and protected.
  • LEGISLATIVE CANDIDATES (Last updated 15-Oct): These are your state Senators and Representatives who vote on school admission vaccine policy (e.g., exemptions).
  • CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATES (Last updated 30-Sept): These are the people who go to Washington DC and aren’t directly involved in state vaccination laws. However, they can work to direct federal agencies (e.g., CDC, NIH) to do their jobs better.

2 thoughts on “DECIDE – 2020 Archive

    1. Hello. Spokane is comprised of Legislative Districts 3,4,6, and a little of 7,9. The above spreadsheets cover some of the candidates survey responses and/or their voting records.
      District 3, Representative Position 1: Riccelli has voted in opposition of ICWA issues, so you should look at Laura Carder.
      LD 3, Rep. Pos. 2: Ormsby has voted in opposition to ICWA issues, so you should look at Bob Apple
      LD 3, Senator: We support Dave Lucas, who filled out a favorable survey. Billig has voted and spoken debated to pass bills that are contrary to ICWA stances.

      LD 4, Rep. Pos. 1: We don’t have any information on the 3 candidates yet; there is no incumbent.
      LD 4, Rep. Pos. 2: Bob McCaslin is a very favorable candidate and we support him.

      LD 4, Senator: Mike Padden is a very favorable candidate and we support him.

      LD 6, Rep. Pos. 1: Mike Volz has a favorable voting record
      LD 6, Rep. Pos. 2: Jenny Graham has a favorable voting record and survey response.

      For LD 7, we would support the incumbents Maycumber and Kretz due their favorable voting records.
      For LD 9, Rep. Pos. 1, we recommend looking into Brett Borden, who had a very favorable survey, over Mary Dye, who crossed the aisle on health freedom in 2019. (boo)

      Spokane is congressional district 5. Stephen Major filled out a favorable survey so we would support him knowing nothing else specifically about Cathy McMorris Rogers’ stance on health freedom.

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