Candidates and how they stand on medical freedom and certain issues that impact children’s health.

KING COUNTY August 6 2019 Election Date candidates

Candidates were asked for their positions on vaccine mandates in an email survey. Responses varied greatly. Some were unambiguous: 

*AGAINST VACCINE MANDATES* [candidate, position]: 

Preeti Shridhar (Port of Seattle Commissioner)

Brianne Mattson (Des Moines City Council)

Rose Sharry Edwards (Federal Way City Council)

Kristen Deskin (Renton School Dist.)

John Towers (Lake Washington School Dist.)

Randy Corman (Renton Mayor)

Layna Crofts (Issaquah School Dist.)

David Ramirez (Whatcom County Council) 

Kristin Tetuan (North Bend City Council)

Kya Michael Aatai, (City of Bellevue Council)

Andrew Koeppen (Redmond Mayor)

Elizabeth Peang (Kent City Council)

John Towers (Lake Washington School Board)

Ben Elenbaas (County Council District 5)

*IN FAVOR OF VACCINE MANDATES* [candidate, position]:

Danny Highite (Normandy Park City Council)

Noah Douglas (Milton City Council)

Randy Grein (Bellevue City Council)

James Alberson (Renton City Council)

Satpal Sidhu (Whatcom County Executive)