Throw Off the Shackles – The Time to Advocate is Now

Advocating for change can be difficult. Advocating against the vaccine program is even more fraught with difficulties. But the flaws in the vaccine program are real. The forces that are downplaying the flaws are using fear and shame to cow people into silence. When the government, pharmaceutical companies, media and public health agencies want you to be quiet while they remove your medical rights, that should serve as a 5-alarm wake up call.

If you have doubts about speaking out or advocating, or need more inspiration to increase your efforts, Dr. Bob Sears and Melissa can help. In episode 47 of the Vaccine Conversation Why Advocacy for Medical Rights Matters (or by podcast), they go over the issues surrounding advocacy for the cause and will leave you inspired and with renewed urgency to act.

Dr. Bob & Melissa urge you to:

  • Don’t just act in the world of Facebook,
  • Speak up to those around you who might have blinders on, and
  • Visit legislators – let them know your reasons for wanting to preserve your medical choices.

They also remind us that the facts are on your side so you just need to be honest. You are performing a public a service by warning of the dangers.  We’re in a corner and are being forced to act. Perhaps most importantly, Being silent lets them think the pro-vaccine narrative is acceptable. To turn the tide, legislators need to know the true numbers of those who have been, or will be, affected by mandatory vaccination laws.

“We’re not talking about separate-but-equal education” for the un- or under-vaccinated. “We’re talking about no education” says Dr. Sears.

When you’re ready, ICWA has built a library of educational resources and links to other helpful sites on the original ICWA web site. Continue to watch for new resources on the ICWA Advocacy site as it is built up to support your grassroots lobbying efforts, especially during the summer legislative break. You’ll find templates for letters to legislators and school administrators, recommended flyers, pamphlets and handouts for public dissemination, and all of our fully-cited articles.

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