Unmasking Masks

1st ICWA Advocacy Workshop to Counter the Tide

Do you have a difficult time justifying wearing a mask? Especially when it wasn’t so important, and even recommended against, during the height of the outbreak?

ICWA Advocate Regional leaders and fantastic community members met on June 29th to Unmask the Mask issue. There are now so many great articles and study collections that question the necessity of Covid masks, yet states (now 20) continue to dictate their use. So we set out to capture ways to deal with these orders, dictates, and requests to wear them.

Please read what we discussed at our meeting, starting with a review the unfeasible OSPI guidance to return to schools in the fall, the WA DoH mask order, and the various enforcement pressures being applied. It is sad how the Governor has delegated the mask order to the DoH, who, in turn, handed off mask enforcement to business owners.

Do you struggle with responding to the mask orders? We provide a list of ideas that might help you engage online and in public situations. Also in the file are some newer resources on the topic, a list of the EXISTING treatments in use today, and we finish off with some irony from Ben Garrison.

See also the excellent Open Letter to Jay Inslee on the mask order.

Please let us know your perspectives.

ICWA Advocacy – Unmasking Masks 1-July-2020

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