Updated Survey Results – Candidates Make Stances Clear on Health and Educational Freedom to Support Families

If you follow this page, survey results will help you find like-minded candidates in many races.

Advocates have gathered more responses from Washington state candidates from all corners of the state who qualified through the August primary election.

Survey responses were received mainly by conservative candidates. This is a regrettable situation and statement of the times that freedom of choice has become a partisan issue. The results are also unfortunate as the survey was geared to illicit responses on parental rights from all ends of the spectrum, addressing the taboo subjects of sex ed and vaccination choice from a very fact-based and neutral position.

See the full results here or click below to open the files.

  • STATE OFFICE CANDIDATES (Last updated 30-Sept): Many of these people, especially the Governor and Lt. Governor, can have a great effect on how your health care choice is legislated – and protected.
  • LEGISLATIVE CANDIDATES (Last updated 15-Oct): These are your state Senators and Representatives who vote on school admission vaccine policy (e.g., exemptions).
  • CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATES (Last updated 30-Sept): These are the people who go to Washington DC and aren’t directly involved in state vaccination laws. However, they can work to direct federal agencies (e.g., CDC, NIH) to do their jobs better.

Staff note: we were confused by a survey response from Bob Dole (1996 Republican nominee for president). He did not indicate in which district he was campaigning, nor did he leave a forwarding email. Thus, his results are not listed. Just know that this ‘fake survey,’ if included, would have cancelled the results of an actual republican candidate πŸ˜‰

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